J'ai une âme solitaire

by Lennox Row

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The story continues.
Artwork by Radim Koros.


released February 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Lennox Row Kraków, Poland

This is Lennox Row. Nothing more and nothing less.

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Track Name: The Beautiful Charlie
- Listen to it. Isn' t that a magnificent sound?
-Yes sir. It sounds almost human...
- You're right it does... In fact this machine is almost human..so nearly human.
I think it deserve a human name..yes.. I think I call it The Charlie.How does it sound to you my friend?
- Fine sir. Charlie is a fine name.
-yes, yes..Exelent. I'm going to call my wife and tell her about Charlie..The beautiful machine.
Track Name: I knov you'we been (sin) there...
Tell me if we hear the same sound
And pray it's not for long

And every time (I use control instead of july) we're getting close I wake up...

Give me time, I'll beat it
Count to three and I'll wake up
You think I've lost my reason
I know you've been (you see) where I stand now

And every time (I use control instead of july) we're getting close I wake up...

Shuttering eyes open, give me a break,
I know this time it's over, over...

And every time (I use control instead of july) we're getting close I wake up...
Track Name: †oīoro
No one's near
Alone at last
Waitin' for the biggest love
The world has ever seen

Fear has gone, anxiety
We can now go
Face our live

And it was real, slowdive
Open the gate, I was there

I've summoned ghosts of good will
Here he comes
The mighty †oīoro


The Seven Seals have disappeared
Now satellites are going round
To satisfy us.

(It's time for us to go)
Track Name: She Swallows the lotus
...The dof is still in there
An invisible man
I'm quite sure about that...%$$
Six feet above the ground
That the ear cannot hear?
The dof is still in there...
Track Name: Connecting ( to the station of dreams )
So I leave all temptations and lust
Six hours of happiness past away with thunders
Now I fell desert sky inside...

Reaction...suffer...soul...soulfly...on my lips again...wrong

of course I came,
you believe bad things about me.
don't you?
Believe me I'm not wicked
Look at me, see if you really think I'm bad
I have to leave you)

Now all I need is far away
Lift up your head, look at the sky
It's 7 years above the star
Now I'm ready to loose my real life
I'm ready to loose my real life
Connecting...to the station of...
Connecting...to the station of dreams.